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US dollar rate

The situation in the OTC currency market always causes increased interest among the people. We give an opportunity to follow the trends of currency change during a certain period, to predict its behavior in the near future and not to miss a single price change. The power index is monitored by all experts and analysts.

Online US Dollar Rate Chart*

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If you know the Forex dollar exchange rate online, you can control investment flows and develop a winning investment strategy. Here are some motivating factors, which make people constantly monitor the world markets:

  • – search for the optimal options of saving and doubling of funds;
  • – calculation of transaction break-even points.

Interactive USD index chart in real time

A real situation of the financial market shows a graph of the dollar index (DXY). It helps to perform technical analysis using the available basic tools presented as liquid and popular stocks or currencies and make long-term estimations without special software. The US Dollar Index is the most informative indicator, demonstrating the real reasons of currency fluctuations. This is an indicator of the value of the American currency, presented in comparison with the related currency of leading countries, in particular:

  • – Swiss franc CHF, the importance of which is evaluated as 6%;
  • – EUR (57,6%);
  • – Canadian dollar CAD (9,1%);
  • – Japanese yen JPY (13,6%);
  • – Swedish krona SEK (4,2%);
  • – Pound sterling GBP (11,9%).

As an average coefficient of major currencies, the USD index has been used since March 1973. It was modernized only once, when the euro appeared on the world stage. The number 100 is considered as the basic value, and according to which one can estimate the fall or rise of American currency. The maximum price of USD at 150 p. was fixed in 1985, the minimum price (71 p.) was in 2008. The indicator depends on the state of the world economy and FED policy, therefore, it serves as a technical indicator reflecting the impact of fundamental events in the world on the value of the American currency.

Data is updated 24/7. This tool, together with a similar indicator, for example, with the Dow Johnson indicator of the US stock market, shows the dynamics of basic trends in the value of the American currency.

The formula is very difficult to be manually calculate, therefore, the situation is evaluated by indicators integrated into investment platforms.