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Stock indices without swaps from January 18, 2021

Published : 19.01.2021 511 10:51

Dear clients! Popular stock indices have updated historical highs several times over the past year and reached new highs in the first half of January this year. Why does this deserve the attention of traders? When you make operations with indices, you invest in several stocks at once, just like in a ready investment portfolio. For example, the S&P...

Changes in trading schedule on January 18

Published : 14.01.2021 331 11:33

Dear clients! Due to the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the United States, there will be changes in the trading schedule. Trading schedule: Assets Operating mode January 18 (Monday)   Foreign currencies Regular hours   #BRENT oil   Indexes #ASX, #CAC40, #DAX30, #ESTX50, #FTSE100, #HSI, #IBEX35 &nbs...

Cut costs with FTM Brokers

Published : 06.01.2021 411 14:41

Dear clients! To celebrate the New Year, we decided to please you with: spread refund up to 100%; compensation for negative swaps; access to a closed telegram channel with news and analysis of the Forex market and other bonuses. FTM Brokers extends three promotional offers at once - the Spread refund, the Loyalty Program and the Premium Club - ...