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Stock indexes and oil without swaps intill the end of the month!

Published : 31.03.2021 573 15:57

Dear clients! We launch "Stock indexes and oil without swaps" promotion from April 1, 2021!  You have the opportunity to hold positions with oil and stock indexes for several days or weeks without commissions for transferring open positions to the next day until the end of April! Please, remember that trading without swaps is great chance to reduce...

Cut costs with FTM Brokers!

Published : 31.03.2021 123 11:12

Dear clients! Double attack against spreads continues! Loyalty Program and Spread Refund have been extended until 30.06.2021! 1. New opportunities are open to you with the Loyalty program — partial compensation for negative swaps and return of the spread from the completed transactions. Join to; 2. Combine the Loyalty program with the Spread Refun...

Changes in the schedule of operations on Catholic Easter

Published : 30.03.2021 123 13:12

Dear clients! Due to the Catholic Easter celebration, there will be changes in trading conditions on April 1-2 and 5-6, 2021. Trading schedule:  Assets Operating mode April 1(Thursday) April 2(Friday) April 5(Monday) April 6(Tuesday)  Foreign currencies Regular hours Regular hours Regular hours Regular hours  ...