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Stock indexes without swaps from August 3, 2020!

Published : 30.07.2020 367 10:36

Dear clients! We would like to inform you that the "Stock indexes without swaps" promotion is back! Starting from August 3, 2020 swaps will not be charged or debited when trading with stock indexes! Making transactions without swaps is a great way to reduce costs and expenses. When performing operations with financial instruments, the underlying as...

Meet the “Loyalty program” from FTM Brokers!

Published : 27.07.2020 277 15:27

Dear clients! We have great news! We are happy to present our Loyalty program to you! Loyalty program for active clients is a combination of exclusive trading terms and privileges. With the new loyalty program, you will have new opportunities - partial compensation for negative swaps (up to 10%) and up to 4 USD compensation for one c...

Stocks without commission until July 31!

Published : 10.07.2020 457 10:45

Dear clients! According to your numerous requests, the "Stocks without commission" promotion has been extended for another two weeks! You can trade with stocks without commission for opening and closing positions until July 31, 2020! During the promotion period, no commission is charged for transactions with NASDAQ, NYSE and MOEX corporate sto...