Investment signals in Telegram

Conducting transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments in the OTC Forex market requires deep fundamental and technical analysis regularly. When choosing an analysis approach, you can:

1. Analyze the market yourself. Most often, self-analysis of a client takes a lot of time every day.
2. Contact the FTM Brokers specialists and receive signals from the OTC Forex market in the telegram channel.

When receiving signals from the OTC Forex market, not only a beginner but also an experienced user has the opportunity to take their investment decisions to a new level and increase the successful transactions number!

How do I access an analytics feed?

Register a real investment account and verify your data.
Deposit margin security in a one-time payment to an investment account.
Write a letter in a free form about the desire to connect to the channel to the address [email protected] from the email address to which the personal account is registered.
After checking for the conditions’ fulfilment above, the company adds to the telegram channel the client’s phone number specified when registering his account on the FTM Brokers website.

What are the signals for the OTC Forex market?

– the trends’ direction or change forecasts;
– the world economy important news coverage;
– can help determine the entry points or exit from the investment operation;
– can help in support of already open investment operations by determining the closing point;
– world experts opinion, comments on significant economic events.

The client may not have enough experience or time to analyse certain financial instruments trends future movement, so the help of specialists in such cases can be very useful. The company’s professionals can help not to lose profitable entries and exits from trades when making investment transactions.

Receiving OTC market signals can help make your strategy or investment plan more profitable. Testing signals on a demo account can confirm their reliability and show all the benefits.