The OTC Forex market is a system in which one foreign currency is bought or sold in exchange for another; the daily turnover of this market exceeds 4 trillion. dollars and transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments occur around the clock.

Features of Forex market is high liquidity of foreign currencies, and transparency of transactions with non-deliverable OTC trading instruments, as the prices are formed on the basis of the actual balance of supply and demand, without any additional correction factors.

Together with FTM Brokers, you are given the opportunity to invest in more than 40 trading instruments based on foreign currencies using the most advanced trading tools!

What are the benefits of investing in foreign currency with FTM Brokers?

More than 40 trading instruments

We provide access to transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments to more than 40 financial instruments based on foreign currencies. Thanks to this, you have great opportunities to search for and perform profitable operations within the framework of the OTC Forex market in Belarus.

Margin leverage up to 200

Thanks to the large margin leverage, now you can get much greater potential profit by using lower initial margin and thus freeing up funds for opening additional positions. But remember that not only profits but also losses incurred can increase when using margin leverage. This margin leverage is available only for the professional client category.

Spreads from 0 points!

We offer an extremely favourable spread from 0 points, available on the FTM.PRO account type, so that you can significantly increase the profitability of transactions.

Ultra-fast execution of transactions

We are constantly improving our trading platform in order to ensure the best transaction execution speeds. In a few milliseconds, your transactions go through our servers and are executed automatically, without outside interference.

No requotes

Due to the ultra-fast market execution, there are no requotes when working with accounts at FTM Brokers. Each of your orders will always be executed quickly and at the best available price in the market.

High liquidity

Due to its high liquidity, you have an excellent opportunity to maximize your profits, and advanced market solutions from FTM Brokers significantly increase the likelihood of success of your transactions.

Аvailability 24 hours a day

We provide access to transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments based on foreign currencies 24 hours a day. All your positions opened at the time of clearing are carried over to the next day. Thus, now you can make profitable transactions without forced interruptions.