The possibility of making profit is inextricably interwoven with the risk of losses. Initiation of transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments has a high degree of risk and can lead to losses up to the whole loss of deposited margin. Risks warning

forex analytics


Information is the most important tool for each client of the company, which helps to make a forecast of the price movement on Forex. Possession of analytical information, its receipt, contribute to the adoption of effective investment decisions that bring profit. The forecasts presented are not a guide to action, but due to their relevance they will be useful in assessing events.
forex Webinars

Every day at 10:00 an analyst of the FTM Brokers company conducts online webinars. On our webinars we discuss only actual issues on making investment operations. Participants can join the discussion and ask all their questions.

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Economic Calendar forex

Economic Calendar
Actual reviews and forecasts often turn out to be useful as an informative source before release of important news, they help to understand revitalization of the market and choose a direction in making specific investment decisions.

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Technical analysis forex

Technical analysis
Includes the most important economic events, figures and facts in online mode that might affect the OTC Forex market. Profit of each client depends on correct data interpretation of an economic calendar, which is an integral part of fundamental analysis.

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Forecasts forex

Information resources should be monitored constantly. The company’s own picture of the client’s patterns will be correct only if technical indicators and the results of specialists ‘ research are taken into account in a timely manner when forming it

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Market analytics

The most effective forecasting tools used on Forex in Belarus by the company’s clients are considered to be world economic news, information data from online webinars, technical analysis, as well as economic calendar. Thanks to them, financial analysts get opportunity to recreate overall picture, clearly showing general trend and promising assets for investments. Importance of a competent assessment of the OTC market is explained by the fact that market relations at this stage become more predictable. Modern analytical reviews based on processes in which traded currency pairs are involved help to make correct forecasting of quotes movement. Herewith, an important role is played by:

  • exchange rate on current date;
  • technical summary;
  • fractal and wave analysis;
  • fundamental monitoring of trends.

One-way forecasting allows one to make a general idea of current trends on Forex, however, making investment decisions solely on basis of these indicators is impractical.

Forex Forecasts

Analytical data is an important component of a profitable investment. The following should be used as an information base:

  • review of worldwide economic events;
  • assessment of current situation;
  • comparison of different opinions of specialists;
  • previous erroneous actions.

If one correctly take into account economic events, one can assume how a currency and its rate will behave, while a forecast can be used both in a long term and for making short-term decisions. To avoid losses associated with rash investments, the forex client needs to objectively evaluate all the information received and apply it when opening an order. Information resources should be monitored continuously. The client’s own picture of the company’s regularities will be correct only if technical indicators and the results of specialists ‘ research are taken into account in a timely manner when forming it.