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Trading training in Minsk

Learning to invest in the market Forex in Belarus can help you become a successful trader in the shortest possible time. A short course of work on Forex from FTM Brokers specialists is structured in such a way that anyone, even a novice trader, will learn all the basic things.

What do forex courses contain?

    All material is divided into 4 parts:

  • Introduction.
  • Practical exercises for beginners.
  • In-depth training in several key areas of trading: Three screens of A. Elder, Trading chaos of B. Williams, Scalping, candlestick analysis and Risk management.
  • Individual program for experts.
    As you study, the student can become acquainted with the fundamental concepts of the world of the OTC market:

  • What is a currency pair.
  • Rules underlying the formation of currency quotes
  • How to make a transaction.
  • The basic rules of trade.
  • Ways to track quotes.

As methods that students will use in the future, these are fundamental, candlestick, wave, fractal and analytical analyzes of the market, which contain a lot of interesting topics for study.

All the most important background information regarding Forex work, taxes, conditions and tools, as well as materials and examples on effective investment are collected and structured in one place for quick and convenient use of each student. All relevant information provided in the form of professionally prepared and structured on the topics of the lessons allows getting acquainted with all the necessary basis for an effective investment for free, without leaving home.

What does the client receive?

    Anyone who wants to learn how Forex, works, can get several advantages:

  • The entire learning process is designed for both full-time and distance learning. It is not required to attend seminars and lectures.
  • Easy-to-understand material, designed even for novice traders from scratch.
  • Individual selection of training material stages. For the student are available: video tutorials, online webinars, a knowledge base and investment ideas, online academy.
  • This is an effective way to begin the path of climbing the Forex market. You can start Internet trading at any convenient time.

How to access?

To gain access to the training course on trading, you must register in your client’s area of FTM Brokers and open a personal demo account. Next, download and install the MT4 trading platform, and begin training in a convenient form.