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Forex market in Belarus

This year Forex in Belarus is represented as national organizations included in the register of the National Bank of Belarus. It opens representative offices in the largest cities: in Minsk, Brest, Mogilev, Gomel, Vitebsk. According to the ARFIN public association, it is planned to enter national American, English and Cypriot groups in the near future.

Today, Forex is actively developing in the country, and the interests of participants are protected at the legislative level.

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Market situation

Having rejected the European algorithm for regulating Forex services and unsuccessful Russian experience, Belarus chose its own path. The financial activities of investment organizations are regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and carried out in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 231 (dated 04. 06. 2015). The incentive measures taken by the authorities have led to an annual doubling and tripling of the number of customers. Tighter regulation of industry in the EU and the revocation of licenses in the Russian Federation from the largest Russian groups that are not affiliated with banks did not affect the current situation.

Forex development perspectives in Belarus

Unlike Russian companies that spent money on advertising and attracting members to offshore companies, the OTC market in Belarus is developing as an independent sphere. Special requirements are aimed at maintaining the customer base and relate to guarantee funds, capital, liquidity, and other norms. The vector is aimed to follow global trends, and when new tools appear, changes are quickly made in the national legislation. Changes in the Tax Code did not affect the benefits provided for individuals who even this year are exempted from tax payments.

Where is better to invest in

Taking into account the calm situation of the stock market in Belarus and the low interest rates on foreign currency bank investments, Forex remains a good alternative for those people, who have money and ready to invest them in potentially profitable projects. Terms of cooperation with companies should be checked out in advance on their official resources.