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US Dollar Swiss Franc exchange rate on ForexUS Dollar Swiss Franc exchange rate on Forex

Online chart of the US Dollar Swiss Franc exchange rate*

The online chart of the USDCHF exchange rate is recommended for more accurate determination of market quotations in the Forex market in Belarus. In addition to a basic price and volume data, the chart shows information about market activity, trend direction, and the nearest resistance and support levels.

USDCHF Analytics


As an additional confirmation signal to the already working investment strategy, we recommend using the technical analysis widget. The indicator, in real-time, shows the General “mood” of clients concerning the exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Swiss franc. The forecast is based on generalized information about active open orders.

The sensitivity of the mood indicator depends on the selected timeframe. The extreme positions of the indicator indicate the presence of a strong trend for USDCHF, and the neutral zone indicates a state of complete uncertainty. We recommend that you refrain from making investment transactions in the neutral zone and wait for a more favorable moment to reduce risks.

News on the USDCHF

The US Dollar/Swiss franc currency pair is popular among beginners and professional forex clients. However, to build a more accurate Forex price forecast for USDCHF, you should take into account the data of the economic calendar.

With a flexible and convenient filter, you can display news related only to the Swiss franc and the US dollar. This will allow focusing not only on important news but also on effectively building a investment strategy.