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Online chart US dollar Canadian dollar exchange rate*

The currency pair of the two North American States attracts a lot of forex clients. But how to track the dynamics of the movement of two monetary units? An online chart of the USD to CAD exchange rate can help you decide on investing. Track all changes in quotes in real-time.

This is one of the most popular currency pairs among company’s clients. To make short- and medium-term forecasts for USD CAD, follow the movement of quotes online.

USDCAD analytics


Study the indicators in the period of technical analysis for CAD / USD, this will help you form a Forex forecast for the short- term period of making a deal. All information is represented by the indicators “buy”, “sell” or “neutral”, which allows you to observe the dynamics by hours, days, weeks, months and years.

News on USDCAD

Use the economic calendar to track important news, which can help you get a complete picture of the information flow. The USD- CAD exchange rate is very sensitive to the relations between the two countries. Therefore, pay attention to the relationship between Canada and the United States when analyzing.