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Online chart British pound against the US dollar*

GBPUSD is one of the main currency pairs. Therefore, this chart will certainly take an important place in the work of every Forex. company’s client. This investment tool unites the economies of countries that are considered to be the most powerful in the world. You can always keep up to date with recent changes in the dynamics of this pair’s quotes. At the same time, we should not forget that the GBPUSD rate at the moment has very high volatility and you need to perform operations with this combination after a detailed analysis.

Analytics for GBPUSD


Analytics from a team of competent specialists is always available on our website. Watch for updates. Please note that these are only recommendations. Even the most qualified Forex market analyst is not a guide to action. You should use this information to improve your strategy and make independent decisions. It is best when Forex market analysis is based on fresh news from reliable sources.

News on GBPUSD

The ability to work with news events is necessary for both beginners and professionals.

Each time before opening an order, the forex client needs to analyze a large number of upcoming news events for the pair of the British pound against the US dollar. A professional is well aware of what news affects the currency market, namely, the movement of the currency pair, and which do not have an impact. For novice company’s clients, we recommend that you pay attention to the totality of all factors before making a forecast of the movement of quotes for GBPUSD and opening an investment transaction.