Online chart exchange rate British pound Canadian dollar*

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The online chart shows the exchange rate of the British pound to the Canadian dollar. The British pound has been showing a downward movement for the past 2 years. The change in the trend for this pair can be associated with Brexit. Significant political and economic events can have an impact. When making investment transactions, you should adhere to a strategy for medium-term or long-term investment.

Analytics for GBPCADD


Technical analysis of the pair in question is represented by a convenient widget, where you can configure it for certain periods. Indicators can tell you when it is better to make a trade, and when to wait for a little. It is recommended that technical analysis be supported by a fundamental one.

Today, GBPCAD is strongly correlated with EURUSD. Keep in mind that shortly, the impact of the main European currency on the British pound will significantly weaken. The Canadian dollar is the main alternative to the USD, which mainly represents the commodity sector (oil quotes have a direct impact). The UK economy is based on services, banking, and tourism.


Do you want to quickly navigate events that affect the dynamics of the exchange rate of the analyzed currency pair? Then, we recommend that you use th economic calendar of Forex news. GBPCAD quotes are significantly influenced by fundamental factors. For this reason, you can not ignore the output of important news.