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Online chart of the Euro to Swiss franc exchange rate*

The online chart shows the current market value of the instrument, and helps to conduct a comparative analysis of EURCHF in several directions at once

The currency chart contains popular technical analysis indicators. Their purpose is to provide high -quality analysis, directly in the chart and without installing any additional application on your computer.

EUR CHF Analytics


One of the most popular tools used by most company’s clients is the market sentiment widget. The widget shows the trend direction quite accurately since it is based on the current information about open positions of company’s clients. This allows you to predict the movement of the instrument based on the opinion of the majority of participants.

Depending on the selected timeframe, the indicator widget can be used for both short-term and long- term strategies. The extreme positions of the indicator suggest the presence of a «bearish» or «bullish» trend for EUR CHF. If the position is neutral, you should refrain from trading on the currency pair.

Technical analysis for this currency pair in the short term is represented by an indicator widget with the ability to configure different time intervals. Each indicator takes the values «buy», «sell», or “neutral”. We recommend that each signal be supported by Forex analysis.

News on EURCHF

EURCHF is one of the most stable Forex currency pairs in the Republic of Belarus. The price of EUR CHF does not experience strong volatile jumps, and cross-ratee forecasts are based on fundamental factors. The economic calendar is used as an additional tool for fundamental analysis.

Effective for calendar settings, it is recommended to use the filter by countries and the degree of importance of the news.