Online chart rate Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc*

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The online chart for CADCHF shows the current market rate relative to this currency pair. This information can be useful for traders who want to make a Forex forecast CADCHF today. Indicators from the online chart are a good information base for both long-term and short-term investments. This currency pair is characterized by a minimum number of sharp fluctuations. Also, to be the average duration of the trends, with low-intensity development.

Analytics for CADCHF


The exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the Swiss franc for the short-term period is reflected using the widget – an indicator of the Forex market mood. It includes analytical information for the currency pair, providing an option for set time intervals. As a rule, the Canadian dollar, together with the Swiss franc, is used as a tool for the carry trade. Thisшвейцарским франкам используют в качестве инструмента для carry trade. Эта strategy involves making a profit on the difference in interest rates. The strategy is easily implemented due to the low volatility of the Swiss franc and the higher volatility of the strengthening Canadian dollar.


CFH is a safer currency, due to Switzerland’s special reputation as a «haven» for local and foreign investment. Many wealthy foreigners seek to place their capital in the Swiss private banking system. The Canadian dollar is a commodity currency that is sensitive to investment forecasts.