The possibility of making profit is inextricably interwoven with the risk of losses. Initiation of transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments has a high degree of risk and can lead to losses up to the whole loss of deposited margin. Risks warning


FTM Broker is a stable and successful company whose goal is to gain leadership not only in Belarus but also in the global Forex industry. IIn addition, one of the main priorities is to create an innovative and efficient environment for transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments.

We create the conditions under which any Client will be able to use his capital, both professional and financial, in the most efficient way to maximize profits on the OTC Forex market in Belarus.

The main priorities of FTM Brokers are the maximum safety of Clients ‘ funds and the perfect functioning of our systems.


We are building a successful company that will become an example of professionalism, decency and reliability.

From the very beginning, we provide our clients with high-quality services and that is why we have won the trust of a huge number of people. We believe that the secret of our success is our employees who understand the importance of customer contact and the importance of technology in the field of investment. Thus, our offer always meets the requirements of our clients and our success depends directly on the professionalism of our employees.

We are constantly improving and moving forward, changing the foundations and principles surrounding us, and always trying to comply with modern business rules.


A transparency policy is an extremely important condition for our investors. Having gained the trust of our Clients once, we are constantly working to maintain our image as an honest and transparent brokerage company. We are sure that creating a favourable investment climate is possible only if all the conditions and promises are met.


We always strive to provide quality support at all stages of cooperation, starting from the first contact, for each Client. The personal Manager will provide expert advice on any issue of the company’s activities, help to deal with any difficulties, listen to your wishes or the essence of the issue and, if necessary, bring them to the attention of the management.


Once committed to following the rules of the integrity and transparency policy, we strictly adhere to this position. All disputes that may arise in the course of client service, as well as ways to resolve them, are described in the company’s basic law. We undertake not to apply “double standards” under any circumstances and to always interpret our rules unambiguously.


Our employees have deep professional knowledge, are responsible and conscientious about their duties, and perform tasks in a high-quality and timely manner. We are deeply convinced that it would be very difficult to achieve such high results without our employees. Therefore, we value every employee in our company very much.


  • 17 years of tradition. On 09/17/2002, the company Forexline was registered. On 06/16/2006, Forexline was issued license no. 02110/180, which allows it to serve clients on the OTC Forex market. In world practice, this type of service is called “Spread Betting”. 03/16/2016 the company Forexline was the founder of the company of FTM brokers..G. 05/12/2016 FTM brokers are included in the register of Forex companies of the National Bank of Belarus.
  • A huge selection of financial instruments — Foreign currencies, Oil, Precious metals, Stock indexes.
  • Floating or fixed spread-keep every dollar under control!
  • Security of clients’ funds due to FTM Brokers’ security capital, as well as the guarantee Fund of the National Forex centre.