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US Dollar/Ruble exchange rate

For a successful investment in the OTC market, you must have a general idea of the reasons that affect the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar. What do you need to know about the ruble on Forex?

In some cases, it changes after publicly available data on the Russian or American financial market. If this data does not meet the expectations of investors, financiers or economists, then we should expect a fall.

Online chart of the US dollar to Russian ruble rate*

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The rate that can be seen on the exchange is a reflection of the real economic situation observed in Russia and the United States if we are talking about their national currencies. Their fall concerning each other can be caused by both numerous geopolitical reasons and events taking place in the economy of the Russian Federation or the USA. Some company client often collect rumours to understand how events will develop soon or after a couple of months.

What affects the dynamics of the ruble exchange rate

  • – Consideration of any significant economic factors. A good example is a period when large companies pay their external debts.
  • – On the day when most domestic companies pay taxes, USD can also become cheaper.
  • – We must not forget about the price of raw materials. Particular attention must be paid to oil and gas. Because the cost of raw materials is of great importance to the process of forming the budget of the Russian Federation, low oil and gas prices are most negatively reflected in RUB.
  • – The publication of any positive news about the American market is another factor that matters to the USD.
  • – We should not forget about the speculators who are doing everything possible to earn as much money as possible on rumours. Sometimes they let them in.

In order to have a strong impact on the field of OTC investment, the participation of the state is necessary. For example, the value of USD may change as a result of a change in the policy of the FRS – the Federal Reserve System. This is the agency serving as the main financial regulator in the United States. In the Russian Federation, this role is played by the Central Bank

The US Central Bank is the only issuer of American currency, so its dynamics are largely determined by it. The FRS has a strong influence on what is happening in the market. It is worth noting that the growth rate of the local economy, inflation and some other factors are also important for the dynamics of this currency.

In addition, it is one of the reserve currencies, so it is actively used in the OTC market.