Online chart exchange rate of the new Zealand dollar to the US dollar*

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Among themselves, traders call the currency pair NZD USD – “Kiwi”, and over the past three years, the volatility of the trading instrument has fallen significantly. Today, the currency pair is in demand only among short-term traders and occupies about 7% of the total trading turnover on Forex.

To track changes in volatility over time, we recommend using an online chart with a weekly timeframe. And if you connect the ATR indicator, you can see the value and strength of the changing volatility directly on the screen.

Analytics for NZDUSD


Even though the new Zealand dollar is an exotic currency, the forecast of its value should not cause problems even for new traders. Using our market sentiment widget, you can, for example, Supplement the maintrading strategy for NZDUSD.

Extreme values of the indicator usually indicate a strong interest of speculators in short or long positions. And the neutral position of the arrow indicates that the number of open interests has reached an equilibrium. When using the indicator widget, keep in mind that the tool shows the General interest of traders, and therefore can not serve as an accurate signal to open positions.

News on the NZDUSD

I must say that the new Zealand currency has not experienced any serious shocks in its history. And fundamental analysis works much more effectively here. For more accurate tracking of news factors , we recommend checking the Forex economic calendar.

News can be filtered out and leave only those that relate to New Zealand, and are more likely to change the value of the currency.