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The online chart for the Nikkei instrument offers an interactive option for displaying information on one of the basic stock indexes. This information can be useful for traders who want to make a forecast of the exchange rate. Graphic data is relevant for various investment strategies— short -term and long- term. Quotes are formed based on weighted average values of the value of Japanese stock shares.

Analytics for Nikkei


To study technical analysis on the Nikkei in the Forex, market, you should use the widget- an indicator of market sentiment. It offers data for a short period, allowing you to select the desired time interval. The widget has three intuitive labels — “buy”, “sell”, and “neutral”.

The Nikkei index belongs to the Japanese stock exchange, which was founded after the capitalization of 225 top companies. It belongs to the weighted average category and is based on the yen. Every day it creates an edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. It is considered one of the most important indexes of the country of the rising sun, ahead of the Topix ratings. It includes the world’s flagship corporations-Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Panasonic, Sony, Yamaha, etc. N225 is characterized by a constant change in capitalization, which, according to the latest data, amounted to about 4.5 trillion dollars. Its price directly depends on the current state of the Japanese economy.

News for Nikkei

When making forecasts, you should focus on the trade balance and economic indicators not only of the Japanese side but also of the United States. The economic situation in China, where many production bases of the country of the Rising Sun are located, is of no less importance.