Online chart exchange rate British pound Swiss franc*

GBPCHF is one of the most volatile currency pairs, the pair is prone to sharp jumps in any direction on the news. We offer an online quote chart for self-analysis. Its data is based on more than two dozen indicators-MACD, various averages with different averaging periods.

Analysis of GBPCHF


A market sentiment widget can help a novice trader determine the direction of a trend and interpret it, and a professional can become a “third- party control” of his strategy and the ability to enter a trade.

If the widget says “actively sell”, we do not recommend going to long, and if the opposite is true, it is better to refrain from selling. The “neutral” position shows the process of accumulation or distribution, and the trader is recommended to simply observe when the market moves to the best entry point. The visual representation of the widget can be changed by setting different periods, which allows you to significantly expand the analysis tools. This is a comprehensive indicator that provides recommendations for making investment transactions on the OTC Forex in Belarus, regardless of news changes.

News for GBPCHF