Online chart Euro US Dollar rate*

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This online chart shows the current market rate of the Euro/dollar exchange rate on Forex, which can help a trader make a Forex forecast for today. This information can be useful for short-term and long-term investments. In the OTC market, the EUR/USD in the long term is characterized by a pronounced trend movement (up to several months). Changes in the trend for this pair are usually associated with significant political and economic phenomena.

EURUSD analytics


Technical analysis for this currency pair in the short term is represented by an indicator widget with the ability to configure different time intervals. Each indicator takes the values “buy”, “sell”, or “neutral”. We recommend that you back up each signal with economic analytics.

EUR USD is the most liquid pair on the market (more than a third of all transactions). It reflects the exchange rate of the Euro against the dollar in the market. Even though it is one of the main currency pairs, it is quite difficult to predict its movements in the short term, especially for beginners. We have collected tools that will facilitate the work of a novice and experienced trader with this trading tool: technical Analytics; online charts; aggregator of economic and political news.

News on EURUSD

Aggregator of political and economic news Forex allows you to quickly navigate the information flow. The price of EUR to USD is sensitive to fundamental factors, so it is not superfluous to take into account the impact of news, as well as a calendar of events that may affect the ratio of the Euro to the US Dollar.