Online chart of the Euro British pound exchange rate*

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The EURGBP chart shows quotes for this instrument in the past. It is updated in real-time and scaled. Thanks to the quote schedule, the trader can get statistical information on the exchange rate fluctuations and current changes for the selected Forex instrument This currency is characterized by a pronounced trend movement. The use of chart information is mandatory for analyzing the current market situation and building a long -term or short- term strategy.

EURGBP Analytics


The technical Analytics widget displays the market situation according to information obtained from reputable sources. They are processed and based on them, a forecast is created for the Euro against the British pound in the future. When forming your strategy, the trader focuses on Analytics, personal experience, chart indicators, political and economic news of significant countries and parameters that affect the choice.


The economic calendar updates news automatically. Events that have a real impact on financial markets and currencies are selected from the entire information flow. A user- friendly interface for displaying the latest events provides a quick assessment of the situation and helps you make a decision.