Online chart of the Swiss franc to the Japanese yen*

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The online quote chart allows you to get information on the current market rate of CHFJPY, which makes it easier for traders to predict the rate of this pair daily. This pair combines a stable franc and a more dynamic yen, which together can be a good tool for making a profit on the Forex financial market in Belarus.

CHFJPY analytics


Using a special indicator widget, you can get technical analytics in the short term and the ability to predict the dynamics of the Swiss franc against the Japanese yen.

CHFJPY is not the most common cross-pair, but it is not exotic. The indicator of its volatility is slightly higher than the average, so this tool belongs to pairs with an average activity indicator.

This pair is perfect for both long-term and short-term transaction lovers. This information is confirmed by a moderate spread of 5-7 points and average volatility of 100-150 points per day.


The main factors that can affect the CHF JPY rate are changes in world prices for gold and oil, the trade balance of Japan and Switzerland, changes in the interest rates of the Central Bank of both countries, as well as various political conflicts. To make it easier for traders to track all events, a convenient aggregator of political andeconomic Forex news in real-time has been created. Therefore, when conducting an analysis, we recommend taking into account the impact of news displayed in this aggregator.