Online chart rate Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen*

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The online chart displays the current exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the Japanese yen for a certain time. It is the chart of quotes that can help make a Forex forecast of the course movement in the market. This information will be useful for both long-term and one-time investments. All displayed changes over several months are directly related to economic and political situations in the world.

Analytics for CADJPY


Technical analysis for the CADJPY currency pair is presented as a widget indicator, with the ability to configure Analytics for different time intervals. Indicators suggest when it is better to open an order. To better understand all aspects and get more accurate information, you should back up each value with Analytics.

CADJPY is a fairly popular pair among long-term trading instruments among traders. The Canadian currency (CAD) is highly dependent on the solvency of the United States (USD), energy prices, and black gold. The Japanese yen (JPY) reacts to the external and internal activities of the state, economic indicators and news output.


The pair strongly depends on the dollar exchange rate and the political and economic situation in the states. It is necessary to systematically view information about these countries, take into account the impact of news and be able to navigate the forecasts in the Forex market.