The possibility of making profit is inextricably interwoven with the risk of losses. Initiation of transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments has a high degree of risk and can lead to losses up to the whole loss of deposited margin. Risks warning

Reviews about FTM Brokers company

It’s a reliable company!

Published : 23.03.2020 473 07:47

As for me, it is important for me first of all, of course, as much as the broker in the market, whether they are all in order with the documents, license and technical conditions of the broker should be convenient and normal working. FTM is fine with that. And what else is needed when you choose a broker? Novikov Oleg...

Advantages of working with FTM brokers

Published : 23.03.2020 403 07:40

If you ask me why, in my opinion, FTM is a broker with which you can making investment transactions and earn money, then I would note this: 1. The broker is licensed and the profits are tax-free. 2. The terminal is running smoothly. 3. You can open a lot of accounts, with different Investment tools. 4. Orders are quickly processed. 5. Tech support ...

A great choice for both beginners and professional clients

Published : 23.03.2020 383 07:38

If you are looking for a normal broker who not only does not throw but also teaches you how to making investment transactions, then you need to go to FTM. It has 20 video tutorials for beginners, and if you need any specific tips, you can take individual classes with people who know the making investment transactions. Also on the broker's website, ...

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