The possibility of making profit is inextricably interwoven with the risk of losses. Initiation of transactions with non-deliverable OTC financial instruments has a high degree of risk and can lead to losses up to the whole loss of deposited margin. Risks warning


The spread is the difference between the Ask and quotes at the moment. It is expressed in points....
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Equity means financial assets on the Client’s investment account, reduced by current loss on open positions and increased by current profit on open positions. You can calculate funds using the formula: Balance + Floating profit/loss + Swap....
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Stop out
Stop out is an automatic order from the Investment server to close client positions on current quotes without prior notification to the Client. Occurs when there is a lack of funds to maintain open positions on the investment account when the margin level (Margin Level) is equal to or less than the Stop out value....
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A transaction is a set of Investment operations in which funds are transferred from the base currency to the quote currency and back....
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Margin level
Margin level - this is the main indicator of the state of the investment account, characterizing the sufficiency of funds in the investment account to maintain open positions. You can calculate by the formula: Margin Level = Equity/Margin * 100%. If the margin level falls below the acceptable level of trading operations, then a Stop out occurs....
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Order level
The order level is the fixed price specified in the order....
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Financial instruments
Financial instruments are all currency pairs and CFD contracts available for Investment in the OTC Forex market....
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