Reviews about FTM Brokers company

A reference company for the quality of service!

Published : 23.03.2020 193 10:19

Pleasant in communication and punctual in fulfilling trading conditions. In some way, you can even consider the company, in a kind of reference, as a service. Well, also, trade is easy for them. Basov ...

Quality, legality!

Published : 23.03.2020 183 10:18

Well, I will not say that they are just the best of the best, but if you approach it comprehensively and correlate the quality of conditions with the legality of trade as such, then they are confidently placed at the top of the list. And then who likes it better where. I liked them well, and there I trade. Don 't even know what exactly else is ther...

A decent forex broker!

Published : 23.03.2020 043 09:04

A decent forex broker, without fanaticism in bureaucratic procedures. Everything is done quickly and easily. So in trading, everything works perfectly and does not hang up to pull the course in the right direction. Quotes are market-based, so systems based on analysis work well. Enikeev...

Constantly evolving!

Published : 23.03.2020 573 08:57

FTM - handsome! Constantly evolving. Recently, margin requirements for precious metals, oil and stock indexes were reduced by 2 times. If the leverage is 1: 100, the deposit will be only 1%. Leonid Bulygin...

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