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FTM Brokers is a fully regulated company!

Published : 23.03.2020 063 11:06

This broker has everything in order with the documents. FTM Brokers is a fully regulated company: it is registered and included in the register of Forex companies by the National Bank of Belarus. And this is a rarity in the Forex market. Also, all income of traders is tax-free. Vadim Sinai...

Fast input and withdrawal!

Published : 23.03.2020 053 11:05

A good broker who is suitable, in my opinion, for traders with deposits from 500 dollars to 10,000. Good trading, how to intraday and scalping. Withdrawal via different systems and quickly. Create the impression of VIP service even on a small deposit. Henrybarcev...

Trade in profit!

Published : 23.03.2020 043 11:04

There is a desire to leave a review, although usually, I leave negative rather than positive. But the situation here is somewhat different. Initially, I was sceptical enough but needed a broker with legal status and fiscalization. So, it turned out that with all these advantages, he is also a broker with good conditions, you can trade. And trade pr...

Excellent company!

Published : 23.03.2020 473 10:47

The broker is actively developing. Just read their news on the site: every time something new is introduced. And the reviews about trading with this broker are positive. So I think that we have an excellent Forex broker in Belarus,which provides excellent trading. Dmitrij.sharov.99...

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