Profit map

Our terminal offers a number of instruments with high volatility, which really bring more profit than majors. Look at the chart and see for yourself.

Using settings, you can evaluate the profitability of all instruments available to FTM Brokers clients. Choose the most profitable ones to start a successful trading right now!

Comparison of instruments returns

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Rate of return for $1000

In the diagram above, the income from the instruments is calculated on the basis of the estimated profit from contingent transactions that:

  1. They were opened strictly at the beginning and closed strictly at the end of the period selected in the filter (for example, «the current month» means opening a transaction at the beginning of the month and keeping it in the market till present day);
  2. The direction of the transaction corresponds to the direction of the price change for the selected period (if the price rose, it is assumed that the transaction was open for buy; if the price decreased, it was opened for sell);
  3. The volume of the transaction in lots is calculated so that the collateral on it will be about $ 1,000 with a margin leverage on the trading account of 1: 100.

Let's consider an example of calculation: Suppose that your trading account has an amount of $ 10,000. By opening a position EURTRY with 4.31 lots, you could receive a profit of $ 9,490 for the current month. In this case, the margin on an open transaction would be $ 1,000. Income using other trading instruments for a trade with $ 1,000 margin you can see and compare in the diagram below.

Risks warning: the investment idea is the subjective opinion of the author and cannot be used as a guide to open a position. Transactions performed on the international Forex market are distinguished with a high risk level. That’s why it is suggested to deal only with the funds you can afford to lose.